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Business Owners

Term Loans and Commercial Mortgage

If you are considering a major business expenditure such as the purchase of equipment or real estate, term loan financing is often attractive. It is typically repaid from your cash flow, over the useful life of the asset being financed.

Term loans are used for many reasons, such as to:

  • Expand or renovate an existing facility, or build a new one
  • Purchase or modernize equipment
  • Refinance or restructure existing debt
  • Finance a merger or acquisition
  • Permanently increase your working capital

The State Bank of New Prague can tailor the amount, term, repayment schedule, funding, and pricing method to your specific circumstances.

  • Terms can be structured to match your borrowing needs, or to match the life of the financed asset
  • Repayment can be tailored to fit your cash flow
  • Loans can be arranged with flexible collateral options
  • Fixed or floating rates are available depending on market conditions

Contact the State Bank of New Prague to learn more information about our commercial real estate lending services.