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History of the State Bank of New Prague

The State Bank of New Prague is the oldest established business in the City of New Prague. The Bank was first established in 1883 as the Bank of New Prague and was one of the very first banks to organize in this area of the State. The Village of New Prague had few homes at that time, and early settlers were reluctant to deposit what little money they had into a bank.

Through the bank’s commitment and support to the early settlers and concern for the welfare of the community, the bank was able to build trust. This trust is the cornerstone of the community partnership between the Bank and the New Prague area for over 130 years.

This long history of commitment and service to the community is one of the values that holds as true today as it did in 1883 and is one of the reasons the State Bank of New Prague is regarded as one of the area’s most trusted institutions.

Michael Schreiner, one of the pioneers of the community, was one of the founders of the State Bank and its first cashier. Along with President Joseph Maertz, he led the bank to continued growth through 1904 when the bank was incorporated. The first location was a two-story building on West Main Street.

In 2008, the bank relocated to our new building on First Street, but the values in which the bank was established have not changed. We still have a deep and strong commitment to the community, we still care about people, and we still make decisions right here. The same honest hard working values we started with are still here today.

Check out our short video history on YouTube.